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Benny Lee is raising money for Prom With A Purpose™

Fundraising Amount=$7,620.00 ; Goal=$5,000.00
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About KC Shepherd's Center

We are a greater Kansas City nonprofit serving older adults, celebrating their contributions to the community and providing support and companionship to increase social activity, reduce food insecurity and build lasting relationships.


About Benny:

I was born and raised in Taiwan and graduated from the Tatung Institute of Technology with a major in electrical engineering. I then went to work for the Taipei office of Midland International, a Kansas City company.  Later, I began my own company developing and sourcing several high-profile products, Including the Ginsu 2000 that sold millions of units on American television infomercials, and developed a complete small appliance line for Singer.  Most recently,I owned and sold my company, DuraComm Corporation, a worldwide suppliers of power supply. I sold this company October of 2022 and am now retired.

I also served Western Auto and Payless Cashways companies by establishing and maintaining import programs, including Western Auto’s Western Flyer bicycle program. This helped Western Auto to remain in the bicycle business and compete for many years against giant retailers that dominated the retail business at that time.

In 1995, I moved my family to the United States, where I expanded another company, Top Innovations. He launched an affordable line of SteamFast steamers, including a SteamFast fabric steamer that sold 16,000 SteamFast fabric steamers in one day alone through QVC’s Today’s Special Value program. Top Innovations had sold lines of SteamFast and McCulloch steam products, including irons, steam presses, vacuum cleaners, and other innovative merchandise. I sold that company in 2008.

 Affirming my belief that the United States is the most philanthropic country in the world, I live the practice of giving back to the community. In 2003, I was instrumental in beginning the International Music program for Park University which became a world-renown International Center of Music (ICM).

My other activities include service in many organizations, and my accomplishments have resulted in numerous civic and business awards. I began playing the clarinet in 2013 and performs non-professionally for many audiences both domestically and internationally.


I am honored to continue my support of KC Shepherd’s Center and their programs for older adults as a member of the inaugural Prom Court.



Donors and Comments

Richard & Sue Looney  pledged to give $500.00 9/29/2023
Anonymous  gave $100.00 9/29/2023
Jonathan David Lane  gave $50.00 9/29/2023
"Go Benny Go"
Chavae' Raechelle Brown  gave $50.00 9/28/2023
"Mr. Lee, It was a AWESOME experience and FANTASTIC time that me and my brother shared during our visit to you and your wife's home, featuring both you and our life time family member (BROTHER) Greg Baker and his Dynamite Motown Sounds Group The TenderHearts. Your Magical Sounds on your Flute, words can not describe. BUT OH!!!!!!! The Icing On The Cake, Your Wife's Mouth Watering Dishes That Were Served. Once again TY for you and yours HOSPITALITY."
PATTY GARNEY  gave $100.00 9/28/2023
"Benny, You will make a wonderful Prom With A Purpose King....best of luck....Charles and Patty"
Joe & Gloria C Bessenbacher  gave $100.00 9/27/2023
"Benny, Buena Suerte! Joe & Gloria"
Anonymous  gave $100.00 9/27/2023
Anonymous  gave $25.00 9/27/2023
Tim Carlin  pledged to give $500.00 9/27/2023
Jill Adams and Jon Goodman  gave $250.00 9/27/2023
"Thank You, Benny for all that you do for our community, and especially, for all that you do for Shepherd's Center. Jon Goodman"
Anonymous  gave $50.00 9/26/2023
Anonymous  gave $10.00 9/25/2023
Russell Fracassa  gave $100.00 9/25/2023
Anonymous  gave  9/25/2023
"Good luck! And thank you for a lovely evening in your home!"
Anonymous  pledged to give $2,000.00 9/22/2023
Perry Whitmeyer  pledged to give $50.00 9/22/2023
Anonymous  gave  9/21/2023
"Good luck, Benny! Jennifer and Bryan Wampler"
Laura Groseth  pledged to give $100.00 9/21/2023
Christine Hughes  pledged to give $100.00 9/21/2023
King & Ping Lee  pledged to give $200.00 9/21/2023
Bernadette Gittings  pledged to give $100.00 9/21/2023
Judy Overton  pledged to give $200.00 9/21/2023
Keith Brown  pledged to give $50.00 9/21/2023
Lynn Zimmer  gave  9/21/2023
Dawn Zerbs  gave  9/20/2023
"Good Luck, Benny! I’m voting for you!👑"
Anonymous  gave  9/20/2023
"All hail the King (and his Queen)!!"
Diane Conner  gave  9/20/2023
Destiny Ann Mermagen  gave  9/20/2023
"Thank you, Benny & Edith, for an amazing evening!!"
Carl S Cleveland III  gave $500.00 9/20/2023
"Benny is a most talented musician. Best of success in your new career. Carl Cleveland III"
Anonymous  gave $100.00 9/20/2023
Anonymous  gave $75.00 9/20/2023
Anonymous  gave $100.00 9/20/2023
Janet C Baker  gave $25.00 7/14/2023
"Help me support Benny for Prom King benefitting KC Shepherd's Center. Only $10 per vote - vote early and often!"