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Heidi Bremson is raising money for Prom With A Purpose™

Fundraising Amount=$6,830.00 ; Goal=$5,000.00
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About KC Shepherd's Center

We are a greater Kansas City nonprofit serving older adults, celebrating their contributions to the community and providing support and companionship to increase social activity, reduce food insecurity and build lasting relationships.


About Heidi:

After an extended career in healthcare and then as an education liaison in the hospice community, I decided to lend my talents to KC Elder Law firm as the Community Education representative.

I am proud of the person-focused, holistic approach to elders and to elder law which KC Elder Law extends to all of our clients and their families.  I  find many parallels between the work our firm does and see it as an extension of the services provided by healthcare professionals. It is my passion to educate the community regarding the professional yet compassionate services our firm provides.

I am a lifelong resident of the Kansas City area. Some of my fondest memories are of the times I spent at my grandmother’s home surrounded by her and her friends. It was then that I realized that older adults are living, breathing historians!
I have one son and three grandchildren and enjoy summer activities including kayaking, hiking, golfing and reading.

I have always loved and advocated for our older adults and it is an honor to take part as a Prom Queen Candidate with an organization that provides support and companionship to this population.



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Becky Fitzgibbon  pledged to give $250.00 10/6/2023
Mark Weidmaier  pledged to give $100.00 9/27/2023
Anonymous  pledged to give $1,500.00 9/22/2023
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Anonymous  9/22/2023
Anonymous  9/22/2023
Anonymous  gave $400.00 9/19/2023
"Go Heidi!"
Anonymous  gave $50.00 9/11/2023
Suzanne E Wallace  gave $100.00 9/9/2023
Anonymous  gave $10.00 9/8/2023
Anonymous  pledged to give $100.00 9/7/2023
"Team Heidi all the way!"
Chrysa Zinser  pledged to give $100.00 9/7/2023
"Go Heidi!"
Steve Malinowski  pledged to give $100.00 9/7/2023
"Go Team Heidi!"
Sheril Herman  gave $25.00 8/28/2023
"Go Heidi!"
Heather Schaller  gave $50.00 8/28/2023
"Keep it up, Heidi!"
Belinda Boyd Vierthaler  gave $50.00 8/28/2023
"Heidi is the best!!"
Don L Minter  gave $50.00 8/25/2023
"We appreciate all that Heidi does for the seniors in the greater KC Metro!"
Chrysa Zinser  gave  8/25/2023
"Good Luck!"
JENN LEONARD  gave $30.00 8/24/2023
Anonymous  gave $50.00 8/24/2023
Anonymous  gave $20.00 8/24/2023
Amber Thailing  gave $50.00 8/24/2023
Shawn Mueller  gave  8/23/2023
Charles Bremson  gave $100.00 8/23/2023
Lily FitzGibbon  gave  8/23/2023
Becky Fitzgibbon  pledged to give $250.00 8/22/2023
"Go Heidi! I can't wait to celebrate with you!"
Gladys S Mabry  gave  8/22/2023
Pam Imber  gave $25.00 8/22/2023
"Go Heidi!!"
Anonymous  gave $20.00 8/22/2023
Christina Bremson  gave $50.00 8/18/2023
"Get it Lady! I love you ❤️"
Anonymous  gave $25.00 8/14/2023
Jana Hennessey  gave $10.00 8/14/2023
Emily Hagen  gave $25.00 8/9/2023
Doug Meyer  gave $100.00 8/4/2023
"You are a queen to me"
Kathy OBrien  gave $30.00 7/28/2023
"What a great cause and you will look stunning in a tiara!"
Marria Antonietta Clendenin  gave $100.00 7/20/2023
"Heidi, Thank goodness for ladies like you."
Anonymous  gave $10.00 7/17/2023
Anonymous  gave $10.00 7/17/2023
Anonymous  gave $10.00 7/17/2023
Lisa Bliss  gave $25.00 7/15/2023
"You are a true queen 💗"
Janet C Baker  gave $25.00 7/12/2023
"Go Team Heidi! Join me in getting Heidi elected Prom Queen. https://kcshepherdscenter.ejoinme.org/heidi"
Anonymous  gave $100.00 7/11/2023