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Dr. Lee Norman is raising money for Prom With A Purpose™

Fundraising Amount=$8,550.00 ; Goal=$5,000.00
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About KC Shepherd's Center

We are a greater Kansas City nonprofit serving older adults, celebrating their contributions to the community and providing support and companionship to increase social activity, reduce food insecurity and build lasting relationships.


About Lee:

I am the Senior Medical Director of Optum Kansas City, a Care Delivery Organization dedicated to improving the health of patients and populations by assisting medical professionals in providing the best care possible through preventive care and early disease recognition and treatment. 

I received my medical degree from the University of Minnesota, did my residency in family medicine in Texas, and my aerospace medicine training in the USAF at Brooks AFB, San Antonio.

After serving in the USAF as a family physician, flight surgeon, and combat medicine instructor, I practiced medicine in Seattle for 20 years.  I have served as Chief Medical Officer for over 26 years, most recently at the University of Kansas Health System and am currently a clinical faculty member at the KU School of Medicine.  I recently served for three years as the Secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment on Governor Kelly’s cabinet, additionally as the senior state health official leading the Kansas Covid-19 pandemic response.  I have served on numerous boards of charitable and humanitarian organizations, including Heart to Heart International, based in Lenexa, Kansas. 

I recently completed my military service as a US Army colonel, which included five years of service as the State Surgeon of Kansas.  In 2018 I returned from a Middle East US Army deployment where I was the 35th Infantry Division Surgeon overseeing the medical care of over 12,000 US soldiers encompassing three named operations - Freedom Sentinel, Spartan Shield, and Inherent Resolve.  I have been awarded two Meritorious Service Medals and, in 2022, the Truman Foundation Philip Pistilli Silver Veterans Medal for military and civilian accomplishments.  In 2023, I was selected for the US Armed Forces Legion of Merit medal, to be awarded later in 2023. 

I have an MHS degree in health planning and systems analysis from the University of California, Davis School of Medicine, and an MBA degree from the University of Washington Graduate School of Business.  I have two grown children and two grandsons.  Originally from Iowa, my interests include reading, cooking, canning and pickling, technical mountain climbing, and collecting Alaska Native art.   I am pleased to participate in the Prom Court to help promote the KC Shepherds Center and the important work the Center does.

Donors and Comments

Anonymous  pledged to give $1,000.00 9/30/2023
Daniel Welch  gave $25.00 9/29/2023
"A good cause and a good man in Dr. Norman!!"
Dan Ammon  pledged to give $500.00 9/28/2023
Dr. & Mrs. Michael and Jamila Weaver  pledged to give $500.00 9/27/2023
James F Peters  gave $100.00 9/25/2023
"Thank you for inviting me to contribute Lee. A very worthy cause and happy to do so. Your high school teammate, Jim Peters."
Anonymous  gave $200.00 9/25/2023
Anonymous  gave $100.00 9/22/2023
Anonymous  gave $100.00 9/22/2023
Jack Towsley  gave $50.00 9/22/2023
"Good luck, Lee!"
Anonymous  gave $100.00 9/21/2023
David & Kristin Wing  gave  9/20/2023
"We are delighted you finally made it to a prom. Have a great night! But stay out of trouble and don’t embarrass your children. Dave and Kris"
Daniel Castillo  gave $50.00 9/20/2023
"Good luck, Lee!"
Paul & Kelly Clem  gave $100.00 9/20/2023
"Willing to contribute more if you wear a tutu on stage to accept your Kingship."
Lorna Bomgaars  gave  9/20/2023
"Best of luck to you!"
Anonymous  gave $250.00 9/19/2023
Deborah & Robert Reiman  gave $100.00 9/18/2023
Judy Egan  gave $20.00 9/18/2023
Phyllis & Shel Roufa  gave $20.00 9/18/2023
"Good Luck, Lee!"
Leigh Ann and Kip Kubin  gave $50.00 9/18/2023
John Bonella  gave $20.00 9/18/2023
Bill & Denise Bade  gave $50.00 9/18/2023
Sam Mosher  gave $10.00 9/18/2023
"Always happy to support Lee and a good cause!"
Judy Bordeau  gave $25.00 9/18/2023
"I hoped you’d run for the House or Senate, but Prom King is probably a good stepping stone!"
Jeanne Steinberg  gave  9/18/2023
"Glad to support Dr Norman for the valuable cause!"
John McQueeney  gave $20.00 9/18/2023
Randee Krakauer  gave $20.00 9/18/2023
Connie Norton  gave $50.00 9/18/2023
"You go Prom King!!!"
Debbie Dressler  gave $20.00 9/18/2023
Anonymous  gave $50.00 9/18/2023
Anonymous  gave $100.00 9/6/2023
"Hail to the King!"
GARY ABRAM  gave $50.00 9/5/2023
Virgil A Gornowicz  gave  9/5/2023
"You made a difference in my life."
Anonymous  gave $50.00 9/5/2023
E Lou Bjorgaard Probasco  gave $50.00 9/4/2023
Robynn Andracsek  gave $50.00 9/4/2023
Ruth Schukman-Dakotas  gave  9/4/2023
"Great leader and person. Deserves to be prom king."
Anonymous  gave $100.00 9/4/2023
Dawn Wolfgram  gave $100.00 9/3/2023
"Can’t think of anyone better to win this prom court than you Dr Lee! Sounds like a worthy cause too! Good luck!"
Anonymous  gave $10.00 9/3/2023
Miralis n/a Kay  gave $50.00 8/24/2023
"I do believe in you! I wish I can Give more 😃"
Matthew Johnson  gave $250.00 7/14/2023
"Go get ‘em Dr. Norman! No one deserves this honor more than you!"
Anonymous  gave $100.00 7/14/2023
Janet C Baker  gave $25.00 7/12/2023
"Go Team Dr. Lee! Join me in promoting him to Prom King!! donate to his campaign now."
Vicki Ashby  gave $10.00 7/12/2023
"Good Luck!!"
Anonymous  pledged to give $1,000.00 7/11/2023