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Melinda Ryder is raising money for Prom With A Purpose™

Fundraising Amount=$9,528.00 ; Goal=$5,000.00
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About KC Shepherd's Center

We are a greater Kansas City nonprofit serving older adults, celebrating their contributions to the community and providing support and companionship to increase social activity, reduce food insecurity and build lasting relationships.


About Melinda:

I have been entertaining audiences in Kansas City and beyond for over 48 years and won my first pageant title in 1979. You can find me at Hamburger Mary's every Thursday, where I host Charity Drag Bingo and I have helped many charitable organizations raise hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last thirteen years.

I have served as a board member of the LIKEME Lighthouse and the Kansas City Center for Inclusion, which are both LGBT+ community centers. I have been given several community service awards including a proclamation from Mayor Sly James. I also serve as an ambassador for GLAMA, the Gay and Lesbian Archive of Mid America, Lazarus Ministries and Hope Care Center. 

I am a three-time cancer survivor and am blessed to have had my husband of over 40 years, Kirk Nelson by my side every step of the way. You know what they say, "In sickness and in health.” I am beyond excited and proud to be a part of the 2023 Prom Court and Prom with a Purpose supporting older adults in Kansas City.  I’m happy to be able to share the message that ALL older adults are supported at KC Shepherd's Center.

Donors and Comments

Anonymous  gave $50.00 9/30/2023
Pat Martin  gave $100.00 9/30/2023
"Have fun tonight! And good luck!!"
Anonymous  gave $50.00 9/30/2023
Vicki Kestermont  gave  9/23/2023
"You got this!!! ❤️"
Anonymous  gave $10.00 9/22/2023
Anonymous  gave $30.00 9/22/2023
Anonymous Household  pledged to give $687.00 9/22/2023
Hamburger Mary's  pledged to give $200.00 9/22/2023
"Way to go, Melinda!"
Heidi Bremson  pledged to give $25.00 9/22/2023
"Go Melinda!"
Stacey Galary  gave  9/20/2023
"There is no one more worthy of being Queen!! Thank you for all you do!!"
Galen Hessemyer  gave $50.00 9/6/2023
"Donation in memory of my recently passed fur baby Stanley aka "Stan the Man""
Fred Pryor  pledged to give $5,000.00 8/24/2023
"We Love You, Melinda! Fred and Jami"
J Kent Barnhart  gave $100.00 8/24/2023
"Keep going Melinda! Ya'll get out and get your tickets and donate!"
Cheryl Wenz  gave $10.00 8/24/2023
"Hi Melinda!"
Anonymous  gave $50.00 8/23/2023
Anonymous  gave $10.00 8/17/2023
Jan Allen  pledged to give $1,350.00 8/9/2023
"You are always a QUEEN to us! Good luck!"
Emily Sandberg  gave $25.00 7/28/2023
"A fabulous person supporting a fabulous cause!"
Susan Tusher  gave  7/27/2023
"Go team Melinda! Great to see you tonight after so many years! Keep on doing what you do, and thank you!"
Anonymous  gave $50.00 7/27/2023
Anonymous  gave $25.00 7/27/2023
Stacey Galary  gave $100.00 7/21/2023
"Thank you, Melinda, for all you do for the community!! Who else could be our prom queen?!?!"
Daisy Buckët  gave $100.00 7/19/2023
"Yes Yes Yes!"
Thomas F Burke  gave  7/18/2023
"You’ve always been number 1 ❤️"
Jeffery Hickman  gave $20.00 7/17/2023
"Yas! Melinda for Prom Queen!"
Thomas A Bledsoe  gave $100.00 7/17/2023
"Love this fund raising cause and love you!"
Marty Carey  gave $25.00 7/17/2023
"Love you, Butchie!"
James J Wilson  gave $25.00 7/14/2023
Anonymous  gave $50.00 7/13/2023
Robert Reynolds  gave $100.00 7/13/2023
"Such a generous person! And so nice to have you as a friend"
Laura Pickerel  gave  7/13/2023
"What a great cause!"
Linda Walker  gave $25.00 7/13/2023
"Love Ya 💕💕"
Janet C Baker  gave $25.00 7/12/2023
"Go Team Melinda! Join me in getting Melinda Ryder as Prom Queen benefitting KC Shepherd's Center!!!"
John Salazar  gave  7/12/2023
Don Beggs  gave $100.00 7/12/2023
Kristen Ruehter-Thompson  gave  7/12/2023
"Best of luck!"
Lora D Ceperley  gave $50.00 7/12/2023
"Melinda Ryder - you are and will ALWAYS be MY FAVORITE QUEEN!! 🥰🎉🙏❤️. Knock ‘em Dead Girl!!"
Steven M Bower  gave  7/12/2023
Anonymous  gave $25.00 7/12/2023
J Kent Barnhart  gave  7/12/2023
"This city is a better and brighter place because of Melinda! Go!"
Anonymous  gave $36.00 7/12/2023
Terri Goddard  gave $25.00 7/12/2023
"Go Team Melinda!"