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Sibley Frye is raising money for Prom With A Purposeā„¢

Fundraising Amount=$1,365.00 ; Goal=$5,000.00
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About KC Shepherd's Center

We are a greater Kansas City nonprofit serving older adults, celebrating their contributions to the community and providing support and companionship to increase social activity, reduce food insecurity and build lasting relationships.


About Sibley:

My career has been in real estate consulting.  After losing 100 pounds in 2020, I decided I wanted to help other people transform themselves, so I became a health coach.  I love helping my clients and watching them get healthy and become confident and loving life.  I still work some in the real estate field, co-owning a vacation rental business with my brother.  We facilitate vacation rentals in Akumal, MX.

I am active with my sorority (Pi Beta Phi) alumnae club and am presently on the board serving as Membership Chair and Panhellenic liaison.  I've held several positions and have been active since I graduated and was awarded Pi Phi of the Year in 2018.  I've been a Meals on Wheels driver since 2000, taking my young children with me on deliveries until they started school.  I originally got involved with the Shepherd's Center to follow in my grandfather's footsteps. Among other things, that has led me to drive the van to pick up Adventures in Learning participants and for Wheels that Care.

I am married to Eric and have two daughters, Allison (25) and Elizabeth (21).  We have a small extended family and we all live in KC!  I love to travel and do so as often as possible.  I also play tennis, walk ,and love to mountain bike and hike.

I love and believe in the programs offered by KC Shepherd’s Center. I am involved with Prom with a Purpose because I want to help raise money for KCSC and I strongly feel that people deserve to age with dignity, respect and not become invisible.

Donors and Comments

Kathy Smith  pledged to give $200.00 9/18/2023
"Go Sibley!!"
Janice Ahern  pledged to give $25.00 9/18/2023
"Go Sibley!"
Delores Rau  pledged to give $100.00 9/12/2023
"Go Sibley!"
Tanya Rodecker Wendt  gave $100.00 8/15/2023
"Best of luck Sibley! I hope you raise a lot of money for this worthy organization!"
Edna Sack  pledged to give $50.00 8/7/2023
Anonymous  pledged to give $10.00 8/7/2023
Toni Parr  gave  8/5/2023
"Good luck my friend!"
Teri Valdes  gave $50.00 8/3/2023
"You would make an outstanding Prom Queen! Wishing you lots of luck!!!"
Jill Stephens  gave  8/1/2023
"Good luck!"
Paulette Dahl Baber  gave  7/31/2023
"Good Luck Sibley!"
Jennifer Henrikson  gave $25.00 7/31/2023
"Good luck Sibley supporting this wonderful cause!"
Anonymous  gave $100.00 7/31/2023
Anonymous  gave $50.00 7/31/2023
Anonymous  gave $50.00 7/31/2023
Anonymous  gave $100.00 7/30/2023
Anonymous  gave $25.00 7/30/2023
Anonymous  gave $100.00 7/30/2023
Anonymous  gave $10.00 7/26/2023
Janet C Baker  gave $25.00 7/8/2023
"Help me support Sibley in winning as Prom Queen! Go Team Sibley!!"
Anonymous  gave $50.00 7/7/2023
Anonymous  gave $25.00 7/7/2023